Akunaay & Company is a high-quality, corporate law firm with expertise in specific business sectors. We provide tailored and integral legal services across a wide range of practice areas to both domestic and international clients.


  • Company Registration, Mergers and Acqusition, Cooperate Management and Liquidation management including liquidation and insolvency procedures.
  • Registration and management of civil and faith based societies (NGOs).
  • Acquisition of Licenses and Permits
  • Retainer Schemes and legal clinics such as conducting Company and Organisational meetings.
  • Consular services

Taxation and Investment

  • General Investment Consultants – Tax on investment including procurement of TIC and Tax exemption Certificate.
  • Investment Dispute Settlement.
  • Arbitration on International Trade Agreements.
  • Tax Dispute Procedures.
  • Debt Collection and Servicing.

Immigration and Labour Movement

  • Consultants on Citizenship,Work permits etc.

Conveyancing and Land Agreements

  • Management of Real Estates
  • Land charge and incumbarance registration


  • Representation of Companies and Individuals in Court, Tribunal Matters etc.
  • Traffic insurance claims.
  • Family Law -Probate administration, Matrimonial disputes, Adoption matters.
  • International Trade Disputes Settlement.

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